Rackheath Primary School

Inspiring Learning, Valuing All


We enjoyed our Harvest service in the church. Thank you to Reverend Darleen for inviting us and to everyone who donated to the food bank. 

Pyramid Builders!

Year 4 are amazing pyramid builders! A great variety of different pyramids constructed with a wide variety of materials, some of which the whole class have deeply enjoyed!

Reception 2017-18

We have made an amazing start to Reception! We have all settled in well, we are loving learning our new sounds, and we have really embraced the Science focus this half term.

Curiosity Cafe

Thank-you all so much for coming to our Curiosity Cafe. We made train carriages for our Big Draw challenge. We used paint on our hands and feet, we used crayons and pens, and we did some gluing as well! It was really good fun and we loved the results!

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On Wednesday 16th December we are holding our first ever music concert. The children who have been learning guitar, trumpet, flute and violin will be performing in a special assembly.

Year 2 Literacy Cafe

Children, parents, grandparents and staff enjoyed a wonderful hour or so in which they shared the story of Jack and the Beanstalk, planted magic beans and created collage beanstalks.

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