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Catherine Coe visit – The Owls of Blossom Wood

We had a lovely time today, meeting the author Catherine Coe and then meeting her feathery friends!DSCN1534 DSCN1533 DSCN1531 DSCN1530 DSCN1528 DSCN1527 DSCN1526 DSCN1525 DSCN1524 DSCN1523 DSCN1522 DSCN1521 DSCN1520 DSCN1519 DSCN1518 DSCN1517 DSCN1516 DSCN1515 DSCN1514 DSCN1513 DSCN1512 DSCN1511 DSCN1510 DSCN1509 DSCN1508 DSCN1507 DSCN1506 DSCN1505 DSCN1504 DSCN1503 DSCN1502 DSCN1501 DSCN1500 DSCN1498 DSCN1497 DSCN1496 DSCN1494 DSCN1493 DSCN1492 DSCN1491 DSCN1490 DSCN1489 DSCN1487 DSCN1485 DSCN1484