Rackheath Primary School

Inspiring Learning, Valuing All

James ‘Egg Bond’ Challenge…

In the Autumn Term, Year 5  had an EGG-citing James ‘Egg’ Bond challenge! They were busy learning about forces and air resistance in Science and the idea was for each pair to come up with a design that would stop their egg from cracking when it was thrown off a roof! All of the class loved their egg Bond challenge and we would definitely do it again!

After Mr Edwards climbed up a ladder and on to the roof, he began to throw each design off. Most of the eggs survived and only a few cracked. Even when someone’s egg did crack it was still really fun and enjoyable to watch. Montie and Niamh’s egg fell out of their cup half way down but amazingly it still didn’t crack!


By Niamh Harris and Callum O’Kane.


Multiplication Madness!

In our Maths lessons this week, the Year 5s were busy writing all over the tables in pen. Luckily – they were allowed to! The children took part in a series of multiplication challenges where they were able to show off their amazing Maths skills and answer some very tricky questions. Here are just a few pictures…

South American Day…

The Rio Carnival took place in Rackheath this week as the Year 5s had a very exciting South American Day to finish their Geography unit. Before the day had even started, the children of Year 5 arrived in some amazingly bright and colourful outfits! Throughout the morning the children participated in artwork linked to the Amazon Rain forest and designed and created their own masks. Some groups of children also got a chance to cook a delicious meal for everyone. At lunchtime nearly all of the children tried the ‘Locra’ which was a butternut squash and chorizo stew with honey bread. To finish off the day, the children created their own South America inspired music as well as a dance too! Lots of fun was had by all!


Forces continued…

As the Year 5s are still learning about ‘forces’ in Science (including friction, air and water resistance) they had a range of fun activities to participate in. One was to test friction using their running trainers. A force/newton metre was attached to a trainer and dragged across a range of different surfaces to see which ones created the most friction. The following week, the children had a running race using different materials – including cardboard boxes to test the impact of air resistance. Soon they will be designing their own boats to see which ones would float and how much weight they can hold!

Anglo-Saxon Day!

During the Autumn term, Year 5 were learning all about the Anglo-Saxons. This included an exciting Anglo-Saxon Day that we all took part in. Firstly, we all arrived at school dressed up in Anglo-Saxon outfits. During registration time we were all given a title/rank ranging from a King or Queen all the way down to a Serf. We then got into tribes and had to design our own sign using Anglo-Saxon runes, clay coins and shields. At lunchtime we all had an Anglo-Saxon lunch that we helped make that morning with Mrs Goddard. Later on in the afternoon we continued with more artwork before parents came in to look at what we got up to.