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Our Brancaster Adventure

What a trip we had – wet days, children falling in the mud, too much food, night walks, lost clothes, water in wellies and sooooo much fun!

We ended up taking over 500 photographs of the week as we loved it so much – however we couldn’t put them all on the website so here are a few pictures to give you a taste of what we got up to!

It was rather wet!img_2185


The first night – they all had so much energy!

img_2190 img_2191 img_2192 img_2193 img_2194 img_2195

Team building games and the running scream race!


Beach Fun – some of the girls turned a little feral and most of the children decided to walk into the sea so that their wellies filled with water!

img_2200 img_2202img_2247p1150728p1150764p1150772p1150773p1150845p1150787


Crabbing – surprisingly  very muddy!



img_2220img_2242 img_2243 img_2237 img_2241


By the middle of the week the children were becoming a little tired!

p1150470 p1150474

Coastal Safari – probably the muckiest thing the children have EVER done (but they loved it!)

p1150690       p1150873 p1150939 p1150942 p1150965 p1150996 p1160006 p1160027


A final picture of the whole gang!



It really was one of the best residentials that we (the adults) have ever been on because the children were amazing! They were all so well behaved, polite, up for anything and they all slept through the night and never disturbed us (which is the most important thing!!)

Thank you so much to the Year 6 children – you are all stars!

Mr Cavender, Ms Holmes, Mrs Goddard and Mr Edwards