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Horstead Blog Posts (and e-safety)

All of the children have written a blog entry for Horstead and included relevant pictures if they wanted. Anyone who appears in the pictures has given their permission for the picture to be used as we discussed the importance of this during e-safety day. One of our key messages for the day was the idea that once something is sent electronically whether a message on a phone, an email or a post on a website it is out of our control and therefore might be seen by anyone in the world. These blog entries were written to be published on this website so please read and enjoy them.Beth Brookes Horstead Blog CALLUM CalumB’s blog charlotte blog Dylan Eloisa freya’s blog Grace Horstead Blog Harry HORSTEAD BLOG James jamie hostead blog Janelles horstead blog luke blog Mackenzie Maddies blog Marshall’s Horstead blog entry mollys blog !! Montie’s Annie Horstead Show blog niamh horstead blog Oliver Ruby Sonny blog entries