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Curiosity Café In Year 3 Gustav Klimt Style Art work

A big thank you to all the adults who came to our cafe this morning. The children produced some fantastic art work with your help.  Our work was inspired by the style of Austrian artist Gustav Klimt. The children explored making patterns using shape and line. They incorporated this into their “Crazy Quilt” designs and their fashion designs too. DSCN2177 DSCN2178 DSCN2179 DSCN2180 DSCN2181 DSCN2182 DSCN2183 DSCN2184 DSCN2185 DSCN2186 DSCN2187 DSCN2188 DSCN2189 DSCN2190 DSCN2191 DSCN2192 DSCN2194 DSCN2196 DSCN2198 DSCN2199 DSCN2200