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Numeracy Cafe!

We had a fabulous time at our first Numeracy Cafe today. We played with lots of resources, inside and out, and enjoyed showing our mummies and daddies what we have learned since we have been at school.

DSCN3821 DSCN3822 DSCN3825 DSCN3827 DSCN3830 DSCN3831 DSCN3833 DSCN3835 DSCN3836 DSCN3837 DSCN3840 DSCN3841 DSCN3842 DSCN3844 DSCN3845 DSCN3849 DSCN3850 DSCN3852 DSCN3853 DSCN3854 DSCN3855 DSCN3856 DSCN3858 DSCN3859 DSCN3860 DSCN3861 DSCN3862