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What an amazing start in Year 4 for 2015

Welcome to year 4 and what an amazing start it has been. We started with our bicycle topic and our fantastic Tour of Britain day (we hope everyone has planted their daffodil as all of year 4 spent time decorating a bag for every child in the school). We have already been visited by two authors, James Campbell and this week Catherine Coe. Catherine also brought with her some very special guests so enjoy the pictures!SAM_1332 SAM_1333 SAM_1334 SAM_1335 SAM_1337 SAM_1338 SAM_1339 SAM_1340 SAM_1341 SAM_1342 SAM_1343 SAM_1344 SAM_1345 SAM_1346 SAM_1347 SAM_1348 SAM_1349 SAM_1350 SAM_1351 SAM_1352 SAM_1353 SAM_1354 SAM_1355 SAM_1356 SAM_1357 SAM_1358 SAM_1359 SAM_1360 SAM_1361 SAM_1362 SAM_1331