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Column addition…on the tables!

Year 6 were working hard today by writing and drawing all over the tables! Nobody got into trouble however, as it was linked to our maths topic of column addition. Using dice, the children generated their own numbers to add together. All of the Year 6 team were very impressed with how much the children challenged themselves, and by the end of the lesson, they answered some tricky calculations. Here is the evidence…

P1150454 P1150480 P1150479 P1150478 P1150477 P1150475 P1150472 P1150471 P1150469 P1150468 P1150467 P1150466 P1150465 P1150464 P1150463 P1150462 P1150461 P1150460 P1150459 P1150458 P1150457 P1150456 P1150455