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Forces in action!

In Science we are now learning about forces, in particular – friction. We discussed what friction is and where friction can be found in everyday life. After learning that tread creates a lot of friction, the children headed outside for an experiment!


In teams the children dragged trainers (tied to a Newton/force meter) to see which surfaces created the most friction. The results were then recorded on clipboards and discussed back in the classroom.


P1150011 P1150012 P1150017 P1150016 P1150015 P1150014 P1150013 P1150010 P1150009 P1150008 P1150007P1150017 P1150016 P1150015 P1150014 P1150013 P1150012 P1150011 P1150010 P1150009 P1150008 P1150007