Rackheath Primary School

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Last week of January – igloos and cakes!

Another busy and exciting week in Year 2 as our milk bottle igloo continues to grow and near completion. We have run out of milk bottles so please keep supplying us with clean 4 pint bottles with their lids! This time next week I anticipate it to be finished!

Thank you to everyone who came to our Literacy Café on Wednesday morning where we had great fun creating igloos from frosting and mini-marshmallows! Who would have thought that igloos could be created in so many ways? We also talked about the plans for our Book corner. If you have any great creative ideas or things which you would like to donate then please let us know.

In maths this week the children have been learning to weigh objects using balance scales and thinking about making sensible estimates and comparisons. They enjoyed putting their learning in to action on Friday morning as they weighed and measured cake ingredients with Mrs Rivett and Mrs Milligan. Each child was able to take home a bag of chocolate chip buns which I am sure they enjoyed.

Photos of the igloo, reading café and cake making to be posted soon!