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Year 4’s Trip to Norwich Castle

Year 4’s trip to Norwich Castle

On Tuesday 25th of November year 4 boarded a smiths coach; after making  sure everyone had lunches, coats and other essentials.

The journey was extremely enjoyable, as we had a very friendly driver.

Finally we arrived! Yey ! After climbing some slippery steps, a giant hill and a bridge  we reached the mammoth ,wooden  front door.

However it was shut, so we strolled around the outside of the castle and listened to Miss Maibaum explaining about the sights of Norwich such as the market and cathedral. We finished walking round to find the door had already been opened.  Then we toileted and found our area for the day, glad to put our bags down because they were remarkably heavy. Next we split into groups 1 and 2.

Group 1 headed off to the natural history gallery for Roman handling whilst group 2 hurried to the Colman art gallery for handling Egyptian items that were 3000 years old. My favourite Roman object was the sponge on a stick. Cian’s favourite Egyptian object was the ankh which was the symbol of peace and was very fashionable.

Then we scurried off to our daily area for some tasty lunch.

Afterwards we walked sensibly off in our groups to the Boudicca and Romans gallery and the Egyptians gallery.

In the Boudicca and Romans gallery there was a ride on chariot with a screen in front which made it look like you were being attacked. Also there were some togas and tunics to dress up in and coin rubbings as well.

In the Egyptian gallery there was an Egyptian story painted on the wall in hieroglyphics. There were scarab beetles and eyes of Horus to spot around the room. I spotted 51 scarab beetles and 32 eyes of Horus.

Next we wandered around the natural history gallery in partners.

Then it was time to leave.

It was a great opportunity and we all really enjoyed it!

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