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James ‘Egg’ Bond

Two weeks ago in science we had the privilege of having a ‘James Egg Bond’ day. We were given a task to save an egg from cracking since the egg was going be thrown off the roof by Mr Cavender. But we had   another challenge – it was to do this by using a force.

The materials that most people used were:  Large sheets of cloth or plastic bags for a parachute; a small box or plastic cup to hold the egg in; cotton wool or pompoms to protect the egg and string to hold the parachute to the cup.

Once everybody had finished their designs Mr Cavender climbed on the roof and threw each James Egg Bond off in the invention. Most of the eggs lived however about 4 or 5 sadly died!!

After that we talked about why some of the James Egg Bonds lived and why some of the James Egg Bonds died. Most of the reasons why the eggs cracked was because of too many parachutes so air could not get in and the other reason was because the boxes were too big or too heavy and the egg had a lot of space to roll around in.

We did this experiment to teach us about forces. Everybody enjoyed making and watching our experiments (except from the unfortunate James Egg Bonds that died!!!).


By Holly Warrington

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