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Christmas Play 2014

Here are a few shots of our amazing children performing in their Christmas Play. Well done everyone, we are so proud of you!

IMG_7742[1] IMG_7743[1] IMG_7744[1] IMG_7746[1] IMG_7747[1] IMG_7748[1] IMG_7749[1] IMG_7751[1] IMG_7752[1] IMG_7753[1] IMG_7754[1] IMG_7755[1] IMG_7752[2] IMG_7753[2] IMG_7754[1] IMG_7755[2] IMG_7756[1] IMG_7757[1] IMG_7758[1] IMG_7759[1] IMG_7760[1] IMG_7761[1] IMG_7762[1] IMG_7763[1] IMG_7764[1] IMG_7765[1] IMG_7766[1] IMG_7767[1] IMG_7768[1] IMG_7769[1] IMG_7770[1] IMG_7771[1] IMG_7772[1] IMG_7773[1] IMG_7774[1] IMG_7775[1]