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Kingswood Trip

Class 5 and 6’s residential to Kingswood!


Last week (3rd to the 7th of November) year 5 and 6 went on an amazing trip to Kingswood! When we got there we took our suitcases into a room called the hub, where we left our suitcase’s. After that we had a tour, our group leader was called Becca. Once we had our tour we went to our dormitories to see what they looked like, we unpacked our things and got ready for our first activity.    

These were some of our activities:





Team challenge,

Problem solving,

Go karts,

Quad bikes,

Night line,


Low ropes,



Leap of faith,


Not forgetting The pool party!!!!!

Bouldering was one of the activities lots of people from our school liked. Bouldering is like climbing but across the wall instead of up. During the activity we played games. We were not on harnesses as it was not very high.

We liked caving because we got to play games, etc: sardines (somebody hides then we have to find them)

Thank you to the staff from Kingswood and from school! We had an amazing time!!


By Kiera and Tyler.