Leisa WhaymanMy name is Leisa Whayman and I am the chair of the PTA at Rackheath Primary School.  We are a fun and friendly group of 24 parents and we call ourselves FORS (Friends of Rackheath School).

Our job is to raise money for the school and agree where it should be spent.  For example, the whole school went on a trip to Banham Zoo last year, new play equipment was bought for lunchtimes and the choir have got some fabulous red t-shirts.  Every year we help out with the Mother’s and Father’s day crafts.

We have fun and chatty monthly meetings either at the school during the days or at someone’s house during the evening (the latter ones normally involved wine!)

I hope this has given you a taste of what we do and if you would like to join please don’t hesitate to chat with me.

If you have any ideas or are happy to help at any of the events we organise without making any formal commitment to FORS, we would also love to hear from you too.  Just click here to send us an email via the school office to let us know.

Your ideas and help are very important to us.