School Council

We are your voice

We represent the views and opinions of the pupils of Rackheath Primary School.  The School Council allows us to take control and contribute towards improving our school, forming positive relationships between staff and pupils and tackle issues which we believe in.

We make a difference

Our School Council is made up of two pupils from Year 1 to Year 6.  Elections take place in October and are open to everyone within these years.  All previous councilors have to wait one full school year before putting themselves forward for elections again. Any pupils wishing to be elected have to prepare a small speech expressing why they would like to join the Council and what strengths they will bring.  This is then read to their own class and then voting takes place anonymously.

We then meet every two weeks.

What we have achieved so far:

School Council Achievements


World’s Biggest Coffee Morning 2012 – Friday 28th September

Operation Christmas Child 2012 – Monday 15th October to Friday 19th October


Mrs Goddard, School Council Co-ordinator


Meet our School Councillors with their testimonials


Year 6

Imogen Shearing – Chair person – “I enjoyed attending the Eco School Cluster meetings and being able to share and gather ideas with other schools”

Issac Dann – Vice Chair – “I enjoyed helping charities and School Council allows me to do this with the whole school.  I especially enjoyed collecting shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child”

Harry Bird – “I wanted to become a School Councillor because I wanted to give something back to the school.  I have enjoyed having a say in the things to make my school even better after the extension.  I am proud and happy that people in my year voted for me”

Year 5

Steele Keeble – “When I first thought of becoming a School Councillor I thought it was going to be hard work.  Now that I am one I have realized what a privilege it is.  I really enjoyed organising the talent show.  A School Councillor can make decisions based on what children think.  A lot of people think that the School Council is just for getting out of class but it’s so much more than that, in fact it’s an honour to even be elected.”

Taila Smith – “I wanted to become a School Councillor as I have good ideas and I am not afraid to talk to people about them”

Ellie Scott

Year 4

Toby Grime – “Our school has definitely benefited from having a School Council because without it our school would always be the same with no improvements”

Kai Wickham

Year 3

Charlotte Abramson – Secretary – “The best thing about being on the School Council is that I am secretary because I am very good at writing”

Sam Watts – “I thought it would be hard but I like a challenge.  It was great.  I don’t want to leave but the time has come.  I will always have great memories”

Year 2

Alfie Mann – “I enjoy getting together and working with other School Councillors from different year groups and making changes to our school as a group.  Our school is important to us”

Holly Warrington – “I wanted to become a School Councillor so I could help my school be a happy and better place”

Year 1

Aston Culling – “I wanted to become a School Councillor as I thought it would be fun and it is!”

Marcus Gardner – “I’ve enjoyed going to the meetings, taking down notes in my special note pad, then reading them out to the class”