Rackheath Primary School

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Petie Burkis Special

Today, we tried a Petie Burkis Special…a new type of bread inspired by our class book ‘The Midnight Fox’

It was a hit!!! Surprising really, as it contained pickles, spam, sausage and lots of cheese!

Mr Ashman was a massive fan!

I’m a Year 6, Get Me Out Of Here!

Today in year 6, we were discussing the impact of our food on the environment. As a result, we were trying Barbecue flavoured Mealworms…with class points on offer! (I didn’t have any gold stars!)

Everyone in the class tried them…although not all managed to finish them…and I did think that one or two children almost threw up!

Aylmerton 2018

What an amazing trip we had!!

Here you will find a small amount of the HUNDREDS on photographs we took during our amazing week at Aylmerton. Enjoy!


Curiosity Cafe

We had great fun during our Curiosity Cafe! First, we were looking at different bird beaks and seeing how they determine the type of food that birds would eat. We did this through the use of chopsticks, spoons and tweezers. After looking at these adaptations, we then created a new creature by changing some adaptations. Here are a few photographs from the day, along with our new animals…I think it is fair to say that some of the parents had more fun than the children!