Year 4 2016/17

September Circuits!

P.E. started this year with some circuit training! But first there is ALWAYS a warm-up…  


and timing is vital for this lesson!  

A Reading Cafe Exploring Our Library!

It was exciting to have so many people attend the cafe and create our book chains! It is amazing where a book might take you…

Making Pan Pipes!

As part of science we made Pan Pipes in October.

The Porch Fairy Writers visited us!

We were lucky enough to have authors visit last half term. Billy Bob Buttons was back and taught us even more about writing. We also got to meet the authors of The Porch Fairies book.


Healthy Eating and Keeping Healthy Assembly

In year 4 we have been learning about healthy eating. We have also been making pie charts looking at food categories, they are dairy, carbohydrates, fats, protein and fruit and veg.


These are our Bronze Age huts and beakers. The types of pots we made were made by putting sausages on top of them with clay.2

This is us in the process of making the clay pots. They were very hard. We did them on our white boards so they did not stick. They still stuck though mine even nearly broke completely.


We also had to act out the story of Romulas and Remus. Obviously Remus ended up dying.  It was part of a literacy lesson.


We have done a lot of cutting of things in topic so we don’t know what this picture is of. Luckily we know that we have done the Roman people that we dressed up. We have also done the maps for where the Roman Empire was when it owned the most countries. The hardest of these tasks was the timeline. The timeline was for the order of where the things in the Roman Empire.


We made Mosaics with a professional artist of making Mosaics. Our mosaic theme was challenge!89

Mr Rea came in to teach us netball. We learnt to; chest pass, bounce pass and overhead  pass.


We also ran around the field to raise money for cancer research UK. You had to run 8 laps to run a mile. Charlie try to do a lap on his hands.


This is our class after the big run around the field. We all got a medal. 15

We made an exploded   engine for The Big Draw Week. We made it with objects from around the school. We used the colours brown, red, white, gold and silver.


In maths we made 2d shapes posters and we had to write how many corners it had and how many sides it had.


We went to do a karate session. Our instructor was called James.


We have also done ukulele with Mr Hodson. He taught us the yellow submarine and rock in c.


Mrs Allen also came into teach us. She taught us French. She did elevens with us as well as Simon says.


It has been a busy half term. These are just the highlights! We all have really enjoyed the first half term of year 4. We are very lucky to have such good teachers. If not we would not have had such a fun time in Year 4.


By Emily ,Josh and Rebecca